Monday, July 27, 2009

1st Step in Going Green :: Create a Compost

Everything you want to know about Composting and More

Compost is a great for the soil and plant life. What a better way to reduce, recyle and reduce. I found this wonderful resourceful site, How to Compost::Composting Instructions. Here's a summary:

1. Optimal conditions:
Air Flow
Good Mix of Various Ingredients

2. Locations
Compost Bin or if you are using a pile put a black tarp over it.

3. Ingredients
"Brown" material (Cardon rich) 50% mixed with 50% "Green" Scraps (Nitrogen)
Brown includes: dried grass, leaves and shredded newspaper
Green includes: vegetable peels, fruit rinds

4. Things you should not compost:
Cat Droppings/litter
Colored Paper
Dog Droppings
Meat, Fat, Grease, Oils, Bones
Non-biodegradable Materials
Toxic Materials

5. Suggested Accessories:
Compost Pails
Compost Turning Tools
Bio Bags
Leaf Collection Tools
Compost Starters and Activators
Compost Sifters
Compost Thermometers

6. How to Use Compost
Moisture Holding Mulch to spread around plants, trees, or shrubs.
Soil Amendment for plants, flowers
Compost Tea liquid to pour on flowers or plants
Compost for Lawn Top Dressing

Tips and Troubleshooting refer to How to Compost site.

Spring is a good time to start, but looks like this rainy summer also helps to keep the compost moist and therefore helps it decompose faster. Don't bag up your leaves! Add them to the compost. Think Green!

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