Saturday, December 11, 2010

Real Christmas Trees are More Enviromentally Friendly Than Artifical Trees

Ever wonder if a an artificial tree was more environmentally friendly than a real Christmas tree? writer Robin Shreeves' research gives us some good reasons to buy locally grown Christmas trees and not feel guilty!

*Most Christmas trees that are cut down at least one more tree is planted.

*Tree farms are usually planted on soil that doesn't support other types of agriculture and about 1 million acres in the US are dedicated to tree farming. For every acre trees provide oxygen for 18 people.

*Trees reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and counter-balance global warming.

*Real trees are recyclable.

*It's possible to get locally grown Christmas trees in every state in the US.

*Christmas trees are better for your health (unless you are allergic to them) than fake trees which contains PVC.

*Fakes Christmas trees are not recyclable and will sit for hundreds of years in a landfill leaching PVC.

Enjoy the Christmas holiday season and all of nature's beauty right in our own home!

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